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We are so dedicated and passionate to the Conservation & Protection of British Rare & Native Goat Breeds, that if you cut us in half written through the middle it would say Rare Breed Goats just like on a stick of rock. Therefore in 2007 we set up the UK's only goat conservation farm, with our emphasis on goat breeds that are at threat of becoming extinct.
Here at Rare Breed Goats we believe that excellent animal welfare practices are essential for aniamls to live the life they deserve. The ethical and traditional approach to farming that we do allows all our animals to be stress free and happy. All our goats are outdoor reared, free range and are free from any kind of artificial chemicals or hormones resulting in an excellent end product..
Throughout the world we are all familiar with the plight of Giant pandas, Amur tigers and countless other species, but the thought of losing breeds of domestic livestock to extinction isn’t something that many of us think about. It is therefore crucial that we protect and maintain adequate populations of rare breeds and genetics for not only the prosperity of our future, but also to further understand these species from our past.
Throughout history, society has genetically altered and created different domestic breeds to produce more goods in a shorter time span and within a particular region. Over-reliance on these few breeds is risky. The current phenomena, including climate change and rapid population growth, makes it vital that we do not lose these rare “left-over” species of livestock that our future food supply could someday depend upon.
All rare breed animals provide important benefits and have many valuable characteristics such as disease resistance, extreme climate tolerance, high milk production, superior mothering abilities, and the ability to utilize poor pastures. Our Bagot Goats are just one of our 'special' breeds of goat that are more resilient to extreme climate temperatures and less prone to diseases. These breeds are hardier and less inbred than the livestock that is currently relied on for food production
It is our aim to bring the plight of the Bagot Goat and others to the publics attention by inviting you into this rare and very special world of goat farming. 
So please take some time to look around the site, follow us on Twitter and don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.







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