Golden Guernsey Goats

Golden Guernsey Goats

The breed is strong but fine-boned and generally smaller and less wedge-shaped than other breeds. The coat is long or short, and acceptable in both forms by the breed society. Colours vary from very light to very dark gold, with occasional white markings.

The Golden Guernsey is classified as a Minority Breed on the Rare Breeds Watchlist.

The Golden Guernsey has a moderate milk yield, but their food intake is less than that of other dairy breeds. Also, the milk is particularly tasty due to a high cream content, and is far better for humans than cow's milk. Goats milk is frequently consumed by those who are lactose intolerant, and is also used in hospitals for cancer patients. The nanny goats, having kidded and weaned their offspring do not necessarily need to be milked every day, but every other day will suffice, so long as the routine is adhered to. She will continue to produce milk if regularly milked, for up to two years, without needing to be "in-kid", which makes the nanny goat a very attractive proposition for smallholders.

This particular breed of goat is particularly adaptable to either free-range or housed conditions, and has a very docile nature, making it an ideal breed for the smallholder.

  • Uses: A moderate milk yield, producing around 4 or 5 pints per day.
  • Management: The breed is adaptable to free range or stall feeding and has an affectionate and docile nature making it a good household goat. The Golden Guernsey is an efficient producer when its lower food intake is considered. Milk is usually has a high butterfat and protein content and so is good for making yoghurt or cheese.
  • Origin: Guernsey
  • Class: The breed is generally smaller than other milking breeds and fine-boned. The head should have no tassels. The ears are large and pointing forward with a slight upturn at the tip. Facial line is straight or slightly dished.
  • Colour: Golden. The coat can be long or short and is observed in all shades of gold with or without small white markings, but no Swiss markings (light coloured legs, ears, tail and facial stripes).
  • Parentage: Unknown
  • Breed Club: The Golden Guernsey Goat Society