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Visiting a working farm can be a wonderful experience and a great family activity, educational and entertaining for children and adults alike. To help ensure that yours is a successful trip, we offer the following advice.

We are not farm park and therefore don't open on a daily basis we hold special events throughout the year, and organised School and College visits.

If you only remember one thing from this page, let it be this: Please call ahead to find a mutually convenient time for your visit. As farmers we are some of the world's busiest people, so dropping in is usually not a good idea.

Our farm is not only our place of work but our home, privacy is important to us.

Do not approach the animals unless you are invited to this includes our working dogs.

Farms are not necessarily accident proof so stay away from machinery, and farms are definitely not weather proof. Come dressed for the weather, in clothes that you won't mind finding mud or manure on at the end of the day. Wear sturdy, closed-toed shoes to protect your feet and make it easier to walk on the uneven ground.

Stay on the paths. Plant roots and the soil itself need air to stay healthy, and it is easy for them to get sick when the soil has been compacted. Don't walk in the plants' bed! Stay on the path and teach your children to stay on the path!

Help the Children learn true things, visiting a farm can and should be a fun and engaging time. One of the best parts will be watching your children encounter new things. If you are a parent who is uncomfortable with the insects, mud, and animals commonly found on farms, it is a good idea to think through how you can avoid inadvertently passing on these fears to your children. We will be your guide when you are at the farm. When you arrive we will explain to you and the children what real safety concerns exist. 'Most everything else will wash off with soap and water when you get home. Make sure the children are respectful of the farm's rules, and then try to be relaxed and open and enjoy your visit.

Our Seven Skills we ask from you are 
- Be curious. 
- Wonder aloud. 
- Ask us questions, we do know most of the answers.
- Listen carefully. 
- Take in this new knowledge. 
- Be a good guest, and remind the kids to do the same! 
and finally 
- Go home more connected to the world.


Please take some time to look around the site, follow us on Twitter and don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.


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